Remembering Irene

Art by Sukle

Artist's Statement

What really intrigues me is energy and the psychological reasons people move and change. I am also interested in the Universal Energies such as Inspiration, Truth and Balance. I use my work to help better understand what lifts each of us up and opens us to our highest potentials. My drive comes from my trying to gain new insights into life and the textures and layering of all life. I cannot seem to limit myself to one style or one way of seeing. But through the many aspects of myself I find Art is what reveals the one I am. I am now fortunate enough to intensely enjoy life, art and teaching. What I try to depict isn't in the physical sense; it is really in the mental, emotional and psychological states that require us to change. My wish is that my art encourages each of us to reach our greatest possibilities and our highest relationship to each other and this wonderful Earth.